i had a really scary night last night I got this pain in my head and neck more intense than any pain I’ve ever had in my life. I rang the non emergency line and described what happened and they wanted me to get an ambulance but I got a taxi because I think a lot of people misuse ambulances, i wouldn’t want to potentially contribute to that. I had to have a CT scan and they said they might think it’s a migraine (???) I’ve never had one and had no sensitivity to light and this pain was far too bad to be one. one doctor said it might be a burst blood vessel in my brain. they wanted to take spinal fluid but I have a phobia of needles and refused to have it done because I’m just too scared. they talked about having an MRI soon which I might do when I’m closer to home. so basically today they discharged me and said if it ever happens again to ring an ambulance immediately, they don’t know what it is and to be honest i am terrified.