yesterday was really weird.
i had a plan of things to do and one of them was dropping off a CV at a card shop cos they had a sign in the window. i asked the manager about the job and she took me straight into her office for an interview and skipped most of it, saying she wants to offer me the position. i had to go get changed then come back and ended up working an 8hr shift. she had me on one of those fuckboy tory zero hour contracts but then today was so impressed she kind of fobbed off some other peoples hours so i could have a 12hr one but im not allowed to tell people i work with about it, oops. so yes i have a job now and its really hard but its sort of brainless. just a lot of heavy lifting and organising, and i love organising so its sort of good. its really close to home but the only problem is with it being over the christmas period i have to be “on call” to come in every day if someones sick or whatever but i guess each hour is extra money. my manager wanted me to apply for a supervisor role but i was so overwhelmed i said i’d rather work my way up and she said if its still there in january when my contract is up then its mine.